Sunday, March 28, 2010

What call can I name This??

I working as telemarketer as my part time to earn more $$$ and gain experience la!!
So our job scope is to make calls and invite ppl to a free basic medical check up (i'm working with preventive health care are collaboration with Pantai's holdings

Since the 1st week i work until now I did not have any weird calls but since yesterday around 5.30pm i make a call to a person MR.L (is a list of name given to us)

So here is our conversation;(plz enjoy)

Me: Hello I'm calling from Preventive Health care in collaboration with Pantai Hospital in Bangsar KL
MR.L: Har??? Hospital call me ar??Any of my family members died ar?
Me: NoNOnono sir this is juz an invitation call.
Mr.L: OHH wait ah let me breath first i thought my family members died (he really breathing i can hear it!! a sign of relief from him)
Me: So sir are u free on Sunday to have the free basic medical check up at Pantai?
MR.L: 2moro ar??? cannot la i must accompany my wife later she said i din accompany her coz i busy working the whole day.
Me: So sir really just can't spend 1hour of yours with us it just 1hour only.
Mr.L: Cannot la we have to make BABIES at Sunday  (I was like WTH????? but i juz ignore this statement and proceed)
Me: What about some other day sir? we do have on weekdays also U can bring ur wife along also.
Mr.L: Har bring my wife ar??? she very ugly ugly one later i bring go there u all laugh at her. Cannot la (he was laugh after he said this I heard it)
Me:we won't laugh at ur wife one.
*Then he hang up the phone* 

WTF he is crazy and i was like still talking to him is because i feel is kinda funny oso (wahahahahah)
OMG! Making babies the whole Sunday izzit??? Sumore said his wife is ugly wat kind of ppl is this??!!!! and Duh!! who wanna laugh at your wife??

So guys what call should I name it stupid? weird? crazy? or a pervert call?or what???

*p/s: i change my layout hope u guys will like it~~~