Thursday, February 17, 2011

End Of CNY

Today is the last day of CNY which is called the "Chap Goh Meh"(i think is  means on the 15th)

What will be missed during CNY ..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



Ba gua (love to eat it) 
One of the most fattening foods during CNY 

Ang Pao $$$$
Received this antique RM5 notes during my CNY ( izzit valuable??) hahaha
But receiving red packet is the best coz is free...n juz like we get free money salary, especially when there is a LARGE amount from it.but the most important is not the value in it lah...can't b so bad one is a good thing to receive red packets.."ang ang mah"

Pop-pop (children firecracker) they changed their packaging, is more cleaner compare to the olden days pop-pop

Now this firecracker is for adults..hahaha damn loud!
This year CNY get to play firecracker. I seldom play it coz is dirty, noisy, smelly and not environmental friendly.

 This pic is taken during the 10th of CNY (midnight)Prayers to the "sky god" idk wat it called in eng but in chinese is "Tin Gong" .Mostly hokkien ppl pray and is a big day for them. (my bf is hokkien lang)

Posing with gold fish ~~ too dark can't c~~

Getting ready to take pic of with the fireworks.

#1 see cool rite??

#2 buuubbb (omg my face getting rounder)

#3 its too loud!!

#4 wah!!!

Too bad is kinda blur~~having fun posing with this fireworks hahahaha thx for all the sponsor! i bet the neighbor burn many $$$$$ during tat night.


I gain alot of weight during CNY n i think is a common thing~~ buahahahaha so is the end of CNY is time to start to lose weight n no more excuse by using the word "IS CNY MAH" we can do this..tat..., lazy here lazy there, ignore everything..hahaha