Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Wanted to try "MACAROON" long loooooooooooooong time agooooooooooooooooooooo......

went to Levain 

hoping to try all of it!
But sadly they all ran out :(
sigh.. tat day is weekend many ppl :(

Bought a couple of breads for tea time
This custard doughnut really nice yum yum

And ham& egg like it ..yummy plus the choco drinks
its a great place to have ur tea time wit frens
So after our tea time we went to Pavilion for a walk which is juz near to Levain

Jeng jeng jeng 
Godiva also sell macaroon
So i order n try it

taste super sweet!! i dunno does macaroon taste so sweet!! like SWEET!! even i like sweet stuff oso can't take it.. it make my tooth ache.. hmmmmm have to try Levain macaroon 1st n confirm or just fly to PARIS and try it out..hahahahaha