Monday, April 18, 2011

A Confession Post

This post is a confession post *FML*

There's No Deny Tat I'm getting the word F.A.T back in my list.Sigh..Been eating too much lately + no exercise was done.

Tummy n butt "sedang mengembang" like balloon oh no is going to be hot air balloon n make my body fly.. T_T

Last time manage to lose my weight down a lil bit coz everyday walk back from work at Times Square to KLCC, total count the destination is 1KM! 100% i cant deny that that time my leg n butt n tummy become slim n small!!

But after i got the rapid monthly pass i take public transport like a lazy pig...How How How?

Here is the prove;

 #1 cakes after dinner

 #2 Whole 1kg cake for my breakfast

But i cant deny that having cake as my breakfast is surperb n not forgetting fat =_=

 #3 Whole big Tupperware of JELLY!
Mind you the tupperware can fit a set of "mah jong" in it

#4 Chatime Bubble Milk Tea after lunch during work.
Consume too much pearl & sweet drinks will definitely fat 

The above pic is juz part of my fatting diet I still have more. This post oni consume of sweet stuff.
Haiz........Emo oredi