Saturday, October 8, 2011



HAHAHAHAH COZ I HAVE BEEN TO EUROPE TRIP!! (Their building structure and design were truly amazing!)

I hv been to 10 countries muahahahahhaha.......

Below is the recap of the 10 countries I have been..lalalalalala

Freshly brought to you from Vatican City!

Fresh snow brought to you @ Austria

Yeah I have experience snow...muahahahha
sorry for the pale look coz is too cold!

oh and I went to Paris Disneyland

So different from what I expected in the Disneyland anyway is great experience!

Paris! dont forget about the Eifel Tower~~

Wafer all the way from Belgium~~
Super Delicious

Gothic Building from Belgium

New Swam Castle or Neuschwanstein Castle from Germany

This is the Original Disney Castle

Me & the castle of course!

nice view from Heidelberg Germany

Hola is Holland/ Netherlands 

Definitely there's a windmill for us to see!!

Red light district sold mostly this hamsap stuff
Holland is so "open"

Its super duper hot and sunny day in Italy

The Famous Italy Trevi Fountain 
Super banyak orang at there hard to take pic~~ sumore so hot!!

Colosseum in Italy as well
so huge!

Oh there's the leaning tower of Piza!

yeah i'm juz beside it!! 

Italy Florence 

Brunelleschi's Dome or Duomo

 Seafood risotto is a MUST TRY!!
SUPERB NICE till now i cant forget their freshness of the seafood!!

Golden Boar which will giv good luck!!
good luck good luck in my upcoming result!!

I went to Luxembourg too

 Pic above shows The Adolphe Bridge

 Monte Carlo at Monaco

Superb Building

Full view of the Monte Carlo Casino
So classy

Everywhere on each edge of Monaco u will find luxury cars!
Felt like walking to car exhibition over there LOL!!

Behold for the mesmerizing view of

Wow for the moutain!

Wow for the view!

Opps no wow for me!! hahaha

Wow I stepped so high!

Wow for the Ice!!

 Wow for the Ice Mountain!

Such a breathtaking view!!
nice experience Switzerland was great <3


Switzerland Chapel Bridge

Such a nice view and a very green country!
So that's all for my recap..