Saturday, February 2, 2013

Au Chocolat Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Headed to Au Chocolat  at Marina Bay Sands for our tea time section. We want to have a dessert before our dinner thus we saw Au Chocolat and it looks promising since they have many people Q-ing up. Thus we give it a try.  

Nice ribbon they have for their logo

Posing before our dessert arrive 

Cute doggie coaster too~

We order three items from Au Chocolat because we just want to have a try and it cost a bomb too just by looking at the menu =_=

Frozen Hot chocolate cup was their chef recommend  but sadly the price that need to pay for this simple chocolate is so not worth it We are kinda disappointing on $12 drinks and it taste like cheap chocolate T_T not nice at all. I only feel frozen not hot at all the chocolate. 

Next was caramel apple skilet it was a big NO for me because it taste 100% cinnamon.
The bottom part taste dull. It cost $17 so exp! sigh...

The only thing that I feel nice was the crepe hahah the It was Go nuts with salted ice-cream but the ice-cream does not taste salted at all this crepe and the apple skilet was basically the same because of the caramel sauce and nuts but the only different was the cinnamon taste.The crepe was too thick and this cost $18.

This is the most expensive dessert I ever had and the taste sucks! Damn regret sigh sigh sigh paid $55 for these 3 CRAPY DESSERT and all of them are chef recommend. I felt robbed T_T Dont be fool by their outlook!

Should went to High society to try their cupcakes hahaha since is slightly cheaper! But not sure their cupcake taste too.

Nice right!!

Look they even have macaroons so colourful!

So Au Chocolat is not RECOMMENDED in my opinion is just a beautiful bistro I guess.