Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Singapore Day Tour

Singapore (SG) an expensive neighbour and a clean country Went there for 2 days 1 night but this post is just a small entry on 1st half day of my SG trip. As from the title SG day tour yes is just what we did for the 1st half day over SG. Meeting up my fren (Sin Yee) and then we act so touristy in SG land and even she is working in SG she has not visited to those places before!

Beautiful Panorama View (taken with my ip5)

Ok so we went to Dhoby Ghaut station to look at the famous merlion. Before getting to merlion we pass by fullerton hotel which is said to be SG old building and previously was an old post office.

 Look so antique so we pose with the building too. Saw two different soon to be wife & husband taking picture over there. Maybe there is the nicest spot in SG!

Us posing with Merlion
Do you know the merlion have been 30 years of spiting water from their mouth? 
Hahaha now you know!

Boyfie silly post with merlion
As we walk we saw stadium and buildings over the river and the buildings view just felt like in HK hahaha coz building + river and right opposite the merlion is just marina bay SG is so small! 

Then we went to marina bay and go for the super tree for me it looks like avatar tree hahaha and we cross the helix bridge we were there for day & night view and we got to see water show in front of marina bay!

Posing with Marina Bay
Bubble & laser light from Marina Bay

 How lucky are we ! The show was great will blog about it more details in second post.

We have the most expensive and sucks dessert in Marina Bay more details in second post too! Stay Tune!