Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Secret009Kalacs:Kurtos Kalac at Publika

Secret009Kalacs is located in Publika near Eat Village GF and they are famous for traditional Hungarian Wedding Pastry which is called "Kurtos Kalac"

There are few types of flavour to choose from; peanut, coconut, cinnamon, dark chocolate, almond and original.This is my second visit and this time I'm trying out dark chocolate.

It taste like a bread but the outer layer is crispy  and the dark chocolate powder is sheered on it. You can feel the crispiness due to the sugar coating and if you dip it with the fruit dip is taste da "BOMB"!

Here is the fruit dip I think they mix few types of fruit they have another savoury dip which is garlic dip that taste good too with original flavours.

Here are the few varieties display 

The bake it on the spot! You can see the process of it too.

I still prefer original flavour! If you like to try the crispiness of it eat it under room temperature and if you take away it will be soft like a bun and you cant feel how crispy is the sugar coating is.

They only offer half loaf of Kurtos Kalac during the weekday,while on the weekend you need to buy the whole loaf of Kurtos Kalac and it makes you real full!