Monday, November 4, 2013

Fresh Live Oyster at Sekinchan (Kampung Nelayan Bangan)

Sekinchan is place where you can get really fresh and good seafood!
We went to Kampung Nelayan Bangan Redang Station No.15 for fresh oysters!
Kampung Bangan Sekinchan
Kampung Bangan Sekinchan
We ordered 10 oyster large size at RM5 per pieces and that's relatively cheap!
Oyster at Redang Station No.15
Big Oyster close up!
Next we had clams oh my the clams were so big and fresh! Love their clams is only cost RM12! Mega cheap!
Fresh Clam
Fresh Clams
We had it cook in "lala xiong tong" Seriously the size, freshness and the price is total worth it!
And not to mention order the coconut drink is just RM1.
With my Coconut Drink at Redang Station No.15
With my Coconut Drink
Will be back to try the crabs, no crabs were available on that day due to monsoon month.
Make sure you make your reservation!
Station 15,
15 Lorong 10,
Bagan Sekinchan,
Tel: 019-644 7494