Friday, December 13, 2013

Seoul Beauty Haul

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This post I'm going to summarize up all the beauty products that I have bought during my last trip from Seoul October 2013.
Seoul Beauty Haul
Seoul Beauty Haul
  1. Laneige - Power Essential Skin Refiner Moisture.
  2. Too cool for school - Marshmallow Puff
  3. Etude House - Proof Eye Primer
  4. Etude House -  Drawing Eyebrow Refill (Number 3)
  5. Welcos - Water Drop Peach Hand Cream (Only 1000 won it was on SALE so I grab it and is really soften my hand and I use it for the rest of my trip in Seoul.)
  6. Modi - Glam Nail Polish & Syrup Top Coat (they offer lots of different type of top coat and this brand is under ATRIUM)
  7. Etude House - nails peel off base coat and an orange cone nail polish.
  8. Innisfree - Green Tea Serum
  9. CLIO - Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Eyeliner ( Beige Shine, Dark Choco & Golden Black) - (this is really a good product!)
  10. Misha - The style 4D Mascara (Bought to try it out since is only 3300 won *dirtycheap*)
  11. Etude House - Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker (this is to make the "aegyo sal" look where there is two tip one shimmer one one brown to highlight your under eyes)
  12. Etude House - Color MyBrow (No.1)
  13. The Saem - Top Concealer (No.1)
  14. Innisfree - Olive Make up Wipes (Smells real good)
Royal Nature Sea Fog Body Scrub
Royal Nature Sea Fog Body Scrub
I also bought a big bottle of Sea Fog Body Scrub from "Royal Nature" they have a pop up store in Olive Young Shop in Myeong Dong. I think is the biggest Olive Young in Myeong Dong and is a tax refund shop.
I tried the scrub out on the spot and felt the scrub is really good. It makes my skin real smooth and they the smell is quite pleasant and since I ran out of scrub I just splurge on it. Been using it since after the trip really like it!
I also bought a few mask to stock up.
Mask from Korea
Mask from Korea
  1. Claren - White Now ( this basically is not a mask *grins* but is a whitening teeth stripe . I bought it from Olive Young shop may is available in pharmacy as well.)
  2. Etude House - Collagen Moistfull Mask (one of their best seller too)
  3. Nature Republic - Arang Oil Mask
  4. Innisfree - Pure source Mask (only 1000won each and I already used some of them)
  5. Missha - Shaping V Mask (havent tried it out cant wait to see the V shape result)
Well that sums it all. Some of the product I have not tried it out yet so I cant give my comment on it.
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P/S: Kinda sad that I din't manage to purchase any 3CE products during this trip *cries* all the product that in my MUST BUY LIST from 3CE sold out apparently.  Guess it sells like a hot cake since they do not have must stock in store *sigh*.