Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tokyo What to buy Guide List - Tokyo Haul 2015

I would love to share with you guys my recent haul from Tokyo! Lots of stuff to buy! Most of the drug store stuff are brought from Don Quixote and Daikoku Drug.

Tokyo Haul 2015
Group of my haul picture.

Skin and Beauty Care

1.Cure Natural Aqua Gel 2. Eye Drops from Beauteye 3. Kose Sunblock Gel 4.Naturie Hatamogi Skin Conditioner 5.Shiseido Lip water Chapstick 6.Sekkisei Travel Pack 7.Unicharm Silot Cotton Pad

  1. Cure Natural Aqua Gel ¥2,500 
  2. Eye Drops from Beauteye ¥1,500
  3. Kose Sunblock Gel ¥790
  4. Naturie Hatamogi Skin Conditioner ¥380
  5. Shiseido Lip water Chapstick for ¥380 each. I pick the Sakura, Hokkaido Special, Medicated with SF18 and menthol flavor.
  6. Sekkisei Travel Pack which includes Lotion and Emulsion for ¥3,800
  7. Unicharm  Silot Cotton Pad ¥203

Make Up and Tools

Kiss Me - Eyebrow Mascara in No.3 Kiss You - Ion Power Tooth Brush Shiseido Eye Lash Curler Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Razor

  1. Kiss Me - Eyebrow Mascara in No.3 ¥698
  2. Kiss You - Ion Power Tooth Brush ¥448
  3. Shiseido Eye Lash Curler ¥800
  4. Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Razor ¥328

Hair Care

  1. Ichikami Hair Treatment Refill Pack for  ¥275
  2. Matmomage Hair Styling Stick in Pink (Regular) ¥429
  3. Oshima Tsubaki Oil
  4. Shiseido Luminoforce Hair Mask ¥2,680 and turns out is a good buy! The mask really make my hair slik and I notice that my hair color shines more compare to previous.  

Health Care

  1. DHC Vitamin B mix in 60 Days ¥380
  2. Hythiol- C Plus ¥1,680
  3. Lion Leg Patch ¥595
  4. Kinomegumi Detox Foot Patch ¥400 
  5. Kyushin Ryu  
  6. Megumi Eye Patch in Rose and Original ¥950
  7. Roihi - Tsukubot ¥840 - This is a patch relief which is in a round shape that is similar with Salonpas function. I bought it in Original and Cool.
  8. Ryukakusan Direct Original Flavour (Blue) and (Pink) ¥570 this is very effective when you got the feeling that you are gonna have a sore throat.
  9. Oyama Body make up Pad Pro it is actually a toe posture corrector that helps to keep your toe in line. ¥2,380
  10. Taisho Ulcer Sore Pacth ¥936


  1. Alien character from Toy Story Popcorn Bucket in black pepper flavour for ¥2,100.
  2. Flounder Fish at Mermaid Lagoon in Disney Sea for ¥2,000.
  3. Gudatama Goodies; Key chains, chopsticks (¥380) and some kind of stress egg ball (¥300) for you to squeeze 
  4. Game boy Color Game at Akihabara Super Potato for only ¥500.
  5. Fuji instax in Alice in the Wonderland and Stripe,two for ¥1,820.
  6. Line Friends Harajuku Store: Line Point Deco Sticker in No 3,4 and 5.
  7. Loft Calendar Note Planner for ¥1,949 


  1. Bourbon Afort in green tea flavor for  ¥110 and chocolate flavor for ¥85 each.
  2. Calbee Black Truffle Chips
  3. Cookie Time is originated from New Zealand and they have a shop here in Harajuku they have the best cookie in my opinion! Their cookie are price at ¥300 each.
  4. Nestle Kit Kat in Yaite Oishii Sweet Potato ¥234
  5. Hokkaido Yakuini Potato in Sea Urichin Flavour 
  6. Pocky in Hokkaido Azuki Flavor ¥250, this taste damn sweet man!
  7. Potato Farm chips Jaga Pukuru at ¥800, I bought it from Haneda Airport Departure Hall.
  8. Potato Farm chips Imo & Mame for ¥300 per box, mad love the green peas.
  9. Thunder Bar ¥110
  10. Ryukakusan Sweets.
Some of the items price is not listed as I have forgotten the actually price of it. Anyways hope this guide can give you a brief of what to buy when you are going to Japan!