Thursday, January 7, 2010


Backed from Thailand!!! is time to EXAM!!!! having sem2 final exam staring 16 of JAN!!!
I don't wan exam i wan holiday.....(hahaha but have enough of holiday)

Don't talk about it, talking back when i went to thailand which is Hatyai. There things are much more cheaper compare 2 M'sia..and I hv eaten  many many of PORKS during my trip.....(arrrgh......getting fatter!!)

Things at Thailand that I saw when  are mostly handmade....juz like Malaysia pipt street...which sells handmade things from the seller.....
Bought some hair clips and tie hair ribbon shape(damn expensive) and bought a jacket it is lacoste brand on it....hehehe....(I LUV IT SO MUCH!!!! not the lacoste but the jacket itself...)

Tat's all for now...wanna go take my bath 1st..(smelly me!!!)