Monday, January 11, 2010


This "Ferrero Rondnoir" taste awesome compare to the original Ferrero (coz i dun like 2 eat nuts!!!). IT is total different coz it does not contain any NUTS!!!(hahahaha) It is crisp dark choco-covered speciality with a smooth filling and a DARK CHOCO center!!!!
 To all people whom does not like 2 eat nuts or allergic to it and wanted 2 eat Ferrero Choco for a long time being i recommend u all 2 eat this "FERRERO RONDNOIR"
The price is definetly expensive compare 2 the normal 1 but is kinda worth it if u guy's wanna giv it a try.
The smallest package contains 4 choco wit the price of RM6++ (if not mistaken is around that price)

So plz try it if u r interested, Will review some other food and place that I have been,due 2 examination and laziness of editing my pic  there is a certain delay of sharing wif u guys.
So juz stay on n be patient yah!!!