Friday, February 12, 2010


Oh yes I definitely get struck from the lighting when I watch the movie "Percy Jackson & the;Olympians the lightning thief".

Watch it last nite after a whole hectic night shopping for my CNY clothes.
At last I found some new clothes for myself (yippee)
Here I would not b a spoiler of this movie coz this movie is worth to watch for those who want some comedy,adventure and fantasy.
But I will share a tiny mini part of the movie with u guys.(hehehe)

Grover Underwood is a Satyr which is the half goat and human he is to protect Percy.
He has goat leg (very curly) and he is very funny most of the funny are done by him.

Next is when they meet Medusa

 The pic above showing "Mesuda" using Ipod to view herself (Ipod uses by Mesuda)
Snaky hair she got there~~ 

Last but not least gals should go n watch it coz the main character which is Percy Jackson is cute!!
His real name ia Logan Lerman (like Longan hehehe)

 Look he is so adorable, isn't he??
So why i'm not struck by lighting when I watch this movie??
*Picture from Google.
*Spend much on shopping yesterday (T_T)