Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Why I Like it LONGER~~~~~~~

Took a long long time to think what to write for this entry and wanted to tried to win the new LG Chocolate (BL40).
Yeah chocolate that can't be eaten is a mobile phone which is a latest innovation in the LG Chocolate series.It also comes embedded with special content from James Cameron’s epic action movie AVATAR.(is something from avatar man!!! cool!!!) And it have amazing 4-inch wide-screen with crystal clear HD resolution to give users a cinematic experience all in a grip.(All is on our hands!!)

This uneatable new LG Chocolate also features a stretched 21:9 ratio HD panoramic display, that brings a better user experience when browsing web pages, checking emails or viewing videos on the cinema-like screen.(Imagine u can watch videos on your hands with a Long cinema screen by just using this mobile phone)
Damn love LG stuffs that  looks cool and is the only Korean brand that sells their electronic stuff that have some many nice design and have their retail outlet here in M'sia.

Besides,with this new LG Chocolate (BL40) I can be like a "Supermodel". The main reason why is because of the design itself which is elegant,sleek and thin can give me a feeling of a supermodel. (just like the pic above) That every girl would like to have an elegant,sleek and thin look. (guys n gals would love it too)

So talking about the theme of this entry the reason of "Why I like it LONGER" because:

1.LONGER sleeping hour are the best remedy for me to cure my "dark circle" without wasting any $$$ to any products to cure my dark circle.(T_T i dun want to look like panda)

2.LONGER semester break for me to travel and relax.( yeah!! traveling is the best thing to do on earth)

3.LONGER period for traveling = LONGER time to shopping around places. Shop Shop Shop (*shopaholic me*)

4.LONGER hair for me. I wish my hair can grow longer and faster so tat i would not stuck on the same hair length for so many years and i do not need to do any re bonding to maintain my hairstyle.

5.LONGER lens for my dear to capture the moon surface. (hahahahaaha wish the camera lens also can capture Mars too)

6.LONGER world peace so that no wars will occur in any of the country. With this we can stay peace forever!

7.LONGER prosperity for my family and friends where they can be more succeed in what they do and wish them be more wealthy.

8.LONGER relationship with my dear. Where we can stay as longer as ever to maintain our relationship until we are in the right time to have our marriage.

9.LONGER mission and vision for me to get my self ready for the future that awaits me. Be positive all time!!!

10.LONGER Chocolate bar for me to eat (hahahaha). I Love chocolates and i also love this new uneatable LG Chocolate (BL40) in my hands (die hard for it!!!).

So I wish with this LONGER 10 reason of "Why I like it LONGER" will win me the uneatable new LG Chocolate (BL40). LG= Life's good and also LONGER GOOD~~(so why would I not like it LONGER?)

*Wish me luck everyone.