Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Updated on new laptop & college

Later will be welcoming my new laptop!!! Yeah hv long awaited to buy it hahahaha the reason y i  hv to buy my new laptop is bcoz of this incident!!! click here to find out n the stupid fees to repair it is RM1469!! better i go n get a new one! N i did so...hahahaha....but see the duration tat i din have my own laptop is like for 3MONTHS!!!  

So how the past few months i keep on using my bf laptop n my fren's laptop. THANK YOU so much yah!! (lucky they din charge me for the renting fee hahaha)

But my all of my salary were spend on the new laptop. Sigh sigh sigh!!!! spoilt my plan!!! T_T so i can declare tat i'm currently broke now n r so THIRSTY for $$$$$$$$$$ (can i juz take a vacuum cleaner n suck all the money out from ppl's pocket?)

Oh yeah yesterday is my 1st day back to college since bloody damn 3months loooooong n the feel is still the same BORING (yawn) But when the lecturer talk about assignment i totally hv no ideas on it! Guess tat my study memory still can be retrieve back yet since tat it did not function for 3months.
My assignment is an academic essay, can i juz turn my academic essay to blogging??? hahahahahaha

That's all for now wanna go n get ready (haven't bath yet stinky me)

P/S: I'm going to buy DELL Inspiron laptop, sigh i have to purchase an 14inch coz their 15 inch laptop are super duper heavy n expensive!(T_T miss my 15inch laptop)

P/S/S: If anyone wanna buy camera lens u can CLICK HERE to check it out