Thursday, June 3, 2010

Langkawi Part 1

I wanna said sorry to anyone who read my blog that i have promise to blog about my trip but due to my LAZINESS i dragggggggggggggg this post for like ermmmmmm i guesss 1MONTH????
hahaha sry for the delaying lazy mah!!!

Here it goes......

 Arriving at the Langkawi airport. i think is about 9am if i'm not mistaken ^^

Kinda like this pic ( tat guy is Mr.RIVER LIM wahahaha)
So after reach at the airport we terus go n rent a car. We rent vios (sien go Langkawi still need 2 sit the same car as in KL ) T______________T

After renting the car we quickly headed to Langkawi cable car. This is wat mr.RIVER waited for his life to go to the cable car bcoz due to some reason he can't go there. Actually he waited ermmm i think 1 year to go there.

Pic above is taken when we saw the  "look out point" signboard while on the way 2 the cable car. Nothing special about there compare to KL look out point. Plus there is nobody there too and is SUPER SUNNY.

                                                  Q-ing up for the cable car ^^

Damn scared!! i'm scared of height!!! i guess!!!! is really 100% scary dare not to look down!!

 Ok!! act normal!! ^^

Hahaha survived after the height thingy~~

Tadah!!!! nice leh!!!

Arrived with pride (muahahaha)

Chop of the tiang coz is damn dirty from tat view.

Like paradise oni this pic ^^

Scared to go down back need him 2 carry me (hahaha)

Okay tat's all for now..
To b continue...
Pictures credits to Mr.RIVER