Saturday, August 21, 2010


Went out again yesterday to mid valley to take dinner and shopping for a while.
 Malaysia mega sales mah~~

Kinda like this pic
  flora skirt from melaka

#Pic 1
(ohh i saw dark circle, lazy to edit)

#Pic 2
(bf stole my necklace)

Traffic jam on the way going there
5 lane road become 4 lane then 3 lane then lastly 3 lane

At last reach then we straight go makan!
Bf fren said this taiwan restaurant nice and is better than the Xing Men Ding
So we went in and hv a try
This taiwan restaurant called "Fong lye"
idk wat it means 

Order this!!
While waiting cam-whore first 

Mee sua

Fresh tomato fried egg wit fish

Comes with rice soup and three side dish
seems like big portion but is just a normal portion for me
i consume alot of foods one!
dun be shock
nomm nommm

 The mee sua is too taste too pepper until bf can't stand it oso.

Later on,
Beside the table couple order the same thing as us the only diff is their drinks.
bf call me to guess who order wat
I totally ignore him 
coz i know the answer
100% the gal will call the mee sua
and the guy will call my set of rice
Their food came and is TRUE!!
i admit it eat alot!


p/s: at last bf bought his shorts super cheap from zara 70% leh!!
p/s/s: I oso bought a short wahahaha 60% from jaspal~~lalalala