Monday, August 16, 2010


Went to the cruve and bougth shimino japanes crepe to eat again

*evil laugh*

*saliva drippin*

They have change their wrapper look nice&more user friendly

Now u can tear and eat wit no worries coz last time their wrapper can't be tear n is kinda hard to eat.
yumm yumm

Oh back to the topic!!

Went to Gothong jaya again at sat nite

*cooling there*

On the morning
Went to have bfast
Then saw a group of

Ferrari cars
ermmm....around 20 cars!!
No joke!!
Shock leh when i saw a row of ferrari parking on the road
 I think they taking bfast near the shop& they are having their so called "Ferrari gathering"

When on my way back wanna take pic but white color Ferrari oredi gone
some oredi went to genting (i think)
Manage to capture oni 3pics (sad)

Black Ferrari

Red Ferrari

Another red Ferrari *_*
(sigh the white one gone oredi)

Besides that i saw Lamborghini too and one more car forgot wat is tat.
Genting road is the only place for those sports car to go in Malaysia
Based on my opinion la.
So is not the first time to see these car hanging around that area.

Here is one unrelated pic~~
My pic