Friday, August 6, 2010

Energy load 100%

Juz back from my hometown
Really have a good rest there ^_^
Thanks to mummy!!!
Never let me feel hungry
I think i consume many food!!
Mummy said eat eat eat 
If not u got no energy

i eat,eat,eat and eat.. ^_^
rest, rest, rest
(actually watching drama the whole day)
*evil smile*
i never move a single inch from my bed for the whole day
(told ya i miss my bed so much)

(resting pic)
Back earlier coz 2moro i need 2 take my undang exam.
If not is still can rest more till sunday oni back to Kl.
But it's ok la
Saturday after exam is shopping time!!!

*super evil smile*

p/s: the pic is taken at Malacca, will blog on it later on.