Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's October

Small update,
This is the last semester of my college life.
I need 2 work harder, smoothly pass my final exam for this semester then i can go to U.K
Wahahahahha Half study and half vacation at there <3

First October is birthday, 100110
Will blog about it...... (kinda lazy hahahaha)

Currently my arms, hand and shoulder is suffering from muscle pain or nerve pain, i guess coz yesterday went for rock climbing. Kinda challenging for the first time. Would like to try it again, feel like i'm gonna addicted to it. Rock climbing is tiring than cycling and baseball.  

Today is my last semester results release date, kinda sacred to check it out.
So after finish class oni i check, so i won't be emo in class if there's i get bad result.
Thx god i get to maintain my result and no "F" for me
I wanna be a legend (as my bro said) wahahahaha

Thus, pray hard i can maintain the same on this last semester ^_^
Best of luck, best of luck, best of luck, best of luck best of luck best of luck best of luck best of luck