Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes i have finished my exam n i'm nao helping malaysia to increase their unemployment rate....muahahahaha

Somebody just employed me!!!PLZ~~

But b4 working i need to hv fun 1st!!! shopping 100x, travel 100x, gathering 100x...bla bla bla 100x waste my countless time...

OKAY...tat amount is not achievable (pointless)

As i finish my last paper i flew to "Puchong" wit my college buddies. Is a house town tat build with man-made lake.

Have lotsa fun there!!

Not forgetting wat i love the most is the water sports!! wahahaha i can play 100x!! (no la, juz many times) quite worth it~~

sumore got bbq equipment for us~~

This is my first time trying out fish spa "frens said very geli" but i did not feel geli..hahaha kinda enjoy it....

back view from the house
man made lake ( i guess)

so relaxING~~

morning jacuzzi~~

mini table tennis for us

on my way to kayaking
(fake one hahaha)

~Banana Boat~

 Two seated water sport
 idk wat name is it~
super like this 
i sit for duno how many 34899941 TIMES~
*evil laugh*

yeah is my 1st attempt for jet ski!!

four seated water sport
idk the name too~

water sports i will miss ya!!

#Group pic 1

#Group pic 2

BBQ time after water sports



~our dinner~
BBQ dinner

reaching for the lamp~

#Group pic 3

 #Group pic 4

#Group pic 5

#Group pic 6

 #Group pic7

#Group pic 8

On our way genting on the next day~

Oh yeah! i brought marshmallows & my phone
in to the sauna room!!

Have a great time on tat day with my college buddies~~
A big THANK YOU for accompany me in my college life ~~



P/S: Asian Water Sports Village is the place that we stay and is located at: 

The Wharf, Prima Biz Hub, No 31-3A, Block C, Jalan Tasik Prima 5/1, 47150 Puchong, Selangor.

Nice place for gathering