Friday, January 21, 2011

Korean food @ Kang San Ea

Went to tried out this shop and  which is located at so called" Korean Village" in Ampang with my buddies.

 We order green tea n it cost us RM 5
kinda exp!

 side dishes 

 more and more side dishes

super like this
is their fried glutinous rice
nice man!

closer view of it

1st time saw korean restaurant tat giv green chili 

korean pancake
i think we order kimchi soup
which comes wit dumpling and is nice !

This the dessert they gave which is like malaysian style "ais kacang"
not nice...yuck... but lucky got watermelon (din take tat pic)

I forgot to take the pic of our BBQ food
we order beef n pork
buddies said beef nice
 (i can't taste it coz i can't consume beef)
The pork taste sweet n i like it (i like sweet stuff okay!)

Overall, the shop is kinda ermm exp....n is a small shop ( can view the pic at my fb )
But is still better than this Soho KL korean BBQ shop which is the yucksss ever!
But DaoRae is still my num.1

*claps claps*