Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Its another new year! opps i mean new year 2011!
duh... watever it means the same!
So long time since stop blogging coz i dunno wat to blog + lazy + i did not on my lappie since??? ermmmm...

Preparing for my finals!! + i dunno wat to do if i on my lappie since all the american series has been vanished in "PPS"...sigh!

Did not celebrate on the eve coz dun wan to be in crowded place n no mood...haha guess next year oni i celebrate! so wait for me 2012!! i will count u down!! *evil laughs*

Wat i hopes/wishes for in this new 2011 year is:

1) dun fall sick as much as in the year 2010 ( i blog about falling sick everytime in 2010) I'm so weak. I want to be strong n will not easily fall sick so frequently!!!

2) Maintain my grades (legend legend) since i will be continuing my studies in UK! *maintain my brain cells for studies in UK* buahahahah

3) Everything goes well to everyone (count me in!) :p

Oni 3 hope hahaha juz like a bday wish!! no more nor less.... since 2day is the third day of 2011..
3 hopes/wishes shall do....

Till then HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

P/S: sry if the writing was ugly ( i drew it myself ok!)hahaha. the pic look so Halloween (i mean background)

p/s/s:wish me good luck in my finals!!