Monday, March 28, 2011

Bake a wish with a lucky stick!

Hola~~~~ i think i have something that i did not blog ...hehehhe which is my BKK trip~~ havent finish blog yet~~~ (coz im a lazy blogger) woopss~~

Dun worry i already arrange the photo that i wanna blog~~ the next BKK blog will be about food post of my BKK trip.

Juz to share with u guys the pic below......

Oh Yeah "BAKE A WISH" we can bake our own wish! isn't good?? 

This is one of the shop that i encounter at BKK... i think is located at Central Point  at the Central Food Hall. It is a Japanese Homemade Cake shop...will show u guys on their bakery stuff at the next post..hehehehe

Next pic is what i bought today for my itchy mouth~~

See what i got for myself!!!  0.o   A box filled of Lucky Stick!! & its from Meiji..hahahaha aren't the the above related with this pic?? LOL... 

Please see my related title too~~ wahahahaha..."Bake a wish with a lucky stick"! hmmm these two words are so promising~~

I like to eat choco stick damn like it!!! But some are very exp T_T

A box can cost RM 7/ 8 /9/10 wah.....die...burn all my money on a box of choco stick~~~

Till then dun forget to check out on my next post~~