Thursday, December 22, 2011

That day you went away

Cant believe that I will be blog-ing this post since a long disappearance from blogspot.

Today should not be a sad day where it should be a happy winter solstice day and everyone is happily having a reunion dinner with their loved ones.

Having the taste of  "tang yuen" (glutinous rice ball) with your love ones. Where it brings the meaning of having each other together and forever.

But, it isn't they way it goes.................... :(

Such a great impact where you are going to meet someone and having a reunion dinner with them but before you even get to meet them, they just passed away.

At that moment of time you just cant even reach for them and hear their last voice.

It is a black winter solstice day with full of sudden sadness and tears, by right it should be filled up by the sound of laughter and should be colourful as the "tong yuen"

Fate is what it is. Stay Strong

May You Rest In Peace.