Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Or Prank Party?

So my company have a small Christmas party and I have an idea to buy some prank stuff for the lucky draw for the colleagues.

Of course I tried it on to see how funny was it!

Not bad huh? 
Funny enough to make myself LOL to myself when I took this pictures! hahaha
From left top;red big bow ribbon, big nose spectacle, x-mas starry hat and blonde hair wig and lastly sleepy eyes spectacle. All of the prank item are very cheap and all of them were bought in Berjaya Times Square KL.

Snowman headband
Of course the save prank item! for myself hahaha Organizer no need lucky draw right?

Playing the prank spectacles with one of my colleague We look pretty right? hahaha

We even prepare goodies bag which consist of royce nama choclate and cookies. Nice Christmas packing from Royce.

Last but not least a group photo!