Monday, December 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Self Portrait front camera

Yeah I got my hands on ROTI JOHN?...What? Actually is iphone5 it is longer and it feel like roti john (long bread filled with eggs and meat) to me. This picture below is taken with iPhone 4

iPhone 5 back view with silver case
I notice that there is a different in the size image I mean when you view your gallery iPhone 4 image tends to be larger and in full screen but for iPhone 5 the image is smaller and you have two black border up & down when you view your pictures.

This is taken with the iPhone 5 front camera the different is they are brighter & yellowish (but this is taken with the apps camera 360 *sweet effect* and seems a little HD at the same time but the noise are still the same for front camera.

Last picture of me again till then Merry Xmas!