Thursday, March 28, 2013

2NE1 Alive Twin Tower Concert 2013

Screams! when you are a blackjack! because 2NE1 has landed in Malaysia to preform at the Alive Twin Tower Concert 2013! Yeah and is a free concert! Did bought the fans zone ticket since is not their own concert! The concert was held on last Saturday and it was 5pm-2am. 

Just to be more secure and cut out the waiting time for 2NE1 we went to have our dinner first and reach KLCC at 8pm! Coz we know 2NE1 will be performing after the earth hour session and maybe around 10pm.

Look of that day RED

So we are here standing in front of our beautiful KLCC
This year concert are well managed than last year in my opinion.

Nice right? So tall and bright but they gonna shut down all the lights during earth hour and we are going to count down together!

First time celebrating Earth hour LOL

Oh hi is me! we received free glow stick during the earth hour celebration! Despite free glow stick they have tons of free water bottle at their water station! Damn good to keep us from dehydrated. 

Taking picture with our free glow stick! 

Another shot Lol! Since we are so boring.
During the earth hour session they have some glow in the dark dance performance all dressing up like avatar kinda scary thou!

Then we have some gong, drums and dance performance and One Nation Emcees they sang quite a number of songs! After that is Mizz Nina she perform her latest song around the world ft Jay Park! But I only video Shawn Lee & 2ne1...hahahaha

Shawn Lee our best beat-boxer! First time hearing his beat-boxing live coz most of the time I just hear in from Youtube. Salute to his beat boxing!

Here is a clip and is taken from my ip5. You can get better video in Youtube I bet tons of audience that night have video it!

So r u ready for 2NE1! the emcee keep asking us oh and backstreet boys too~~~

It's 2NE1 lets make some noice


OH YES That's CL

Here enjoy the 2ne1 hyped!

2NE1 sang 6 songs in total:

Every one sang loudly during I'm the best! hahaha and we also sang Happy Birthday to Park Bom and have cake cutting session.

Urghhh I only can upload one 2ne1 video something wrong again with this blogspot!

I will try uploading another one later!