Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Cat Wang some how remind me of "Duit Kucing" hahahaha coz in Malaysia we pronouce Duit is = Wang and cat = kucing.

Okay lah this is an app where they have all the freaking cat faces and laser beam and radom stuff just playing with it I re-downloaded this app coz I deleted it some time ago. hahahahaha

Please click the strawberry and scan the QR code too to see some surprise hahahahah! Imma bread cat face!

Another grumpy version can you spot how many diamonds are there?

Okay do you want another version?

Hahahah okay lah I know I post my original face ok?

Hi! is me eating yoghurt taken in Sydney railway. 

P/s: Finally I can direct upload my picture in to the blog! Dunno what happen to picassa! Oh yes my next update will be ALIVE TWIN TOWER CONCERT 2013 featuring only 2NE1 and Shawn Lee.
Will upload few video n my faces of course! hahahaha

Till then stay tune!