Friday, August 23, 2013

Linkin Park Living Things World Tour Malaysia 2013

Linkin Park Living Things World Tour Malaysia is their last stop! The concert was held at National Stadium Bukit Jalil it was glooming and drizzling that day. I was worry that the weather might be raining cats and gods (it was during noon time) but thank god it did not happen! 

It was my last minute decision to attend Linkin Park concert because I just went for Jay Chou Opus world tour  recently. Attended two concert in a month T_T I immediately went to broke stage!

Went there quite early and manage to get a good spot to queue up quit near to the entrance (thx to my friend who reach earlier than me). So the crowd getting more and more after 1 hour of queueing they let us in to the concert stage at 7.30 (around that time)

I was on rock zone and as you can see the pitt zone was not full while the further front vvip zone was packed and full!

Still early so is picha time!

Ticket to prove that is Linkin Park Concert!

Selsa with lit yee cap that save me from drizzling rain!

So the concert did not start on time it started at 8.45 pm it was so bad they din even played linkin park song for us to listen and sing along. How sad was that. T_T

Picture of the opening! 

Crowd was getting high up! Screaming, head-banging, jumping and sing the heart out! I must say that Linkin Park is band is so damn cool! 

Their LIVE performance was unbeatable OMG! Chester voice was cray cray he sang for 1hr 45min through out the concert and they only rest for 5 minutes. Unbelievable cause he was singing non stop and of course SCREAM!

Mike Shinoda was so cool when he rap and play the instruments *girl fan mode* on!

Mange to get some video enjoy!

The band played really well and I was quite enjoy thru out the concert seriously unforgettable band concert moment!! Broke stage is worth it hahaha.

Love their music!!!! LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!! THANK YOU!