Friday, August 16, 2013

TEDx KL 2013 "Life Hacking" EVENT!

I'm glad that I got the chance to attend TED event. Have watched quite a few of their talk on YouTube since college and now I finally can watch the talk LIVE. 

It was kinda bad experience during the passes collection in the morning due to long queues and uncertainty of our own email name in alphabetical order. Anyhow the event is a great experience despite the morning Q.

The event hall

12 speakers in order 

Quote of  that day! I find it very inspiring! It was shown during Peter Sage talk.

So they even have "Before I die chalk board" for us to write it on!

Spot the minion! Looks like someone wants to meet minion before he/she cute! So what are you going to do before you die?

Below are few sketch post talking about the summary on each speakers talk.

Antony Evans "Glowing Plants" was awesome! Imagine you live in the world like the movie avatar during the night. How cool was that! 

Zung is a very passionate professional photographer his pictures tells a thousand words.

Cheryl Tan & Az Samad is not only talk is also music performance bringing Malaysian music to the world. Cheryl voice was lovely and Az Samand is a great guitarist! Listening to their performance gave me the feeling that I was in a bistro relaxing hahaha 

While Jafri Malin is a doctor that has a big hope to help people! Imagine you can cure brain tumor with just an egg virus and you do not need to spend $$$$ to cure the cancer with this help of the virus. With this every one is afford to pay for the medical bills.

Kosal Khiev! Man he has a great poet about his life, his family and most importantly racism.I think his poet can make a good song!

Gopi Sekhar a man that thinks about possibility to recycle tyres where tyres is a big wastage to the environment.

Robest Yong created a tools for the blind to type their message on smartphone.

Ee Soon Wei want to remain  the royal press stories and portray the art of printing; is very heritage and that can lead to tourism.

Also I have miss out few speakers sketch post  T_T so sorry! You can watch in YouTube once the video is out!

Humble beginnings mille crepe was served too during the break time too! yum yum!

What a informative Saturday with all of the inspiring talks!