Thursday, August 15, 2013

Opus World Tour Jay Chou 2013

I went to Opus World Tour Jay Chou Malaysia 2013 during 2 August. It was my very first Chinese concert regret did not bought previos jay's concert. Yeah I listen mainly to his songs during secondary time (brings back old memories),finally can sing along with jay.

Making the sea of pink with pink glow sticks.

Din't take much picture too far away from stage. Took 3 pictures of Jay in pink shirt!

Audience got to stand up  during "wukelele" song and join suddenly they release a gigantic beach ball for to play with. Too bad I was on the upper seat T_T can't even got a chance to touch it. It was fun to stand during concert compare to sitting. Okay I took few videos during the concert have fun watching it. (kinda mixed up the sequence)

Overall I feel that sitting during the concert lack of power atmosphere....but anyhow looking back on to the video still feels good coz you cant never get boring with his songs right?