Friday, May 29, 2015

Best Creme Brûlée in Hong Kong.

This is great! I get to try Paul Lafayet Creme Brûlée during my last trip to Hong Kong at K11 mall Tsim Sha Shui.

It cost HKD 45 and is worth the dollar! The texture is so smooth and the sugar coating crisp is just so right and is doesn't taste sweet. I love it so much it was really the best one that I ever tried and the vanilla taste is so rich.

Look i poke a hole in to the Creme brûlée. This was the original chef recommended creme brûlée, during my visit they had a special edition "Grand Marnier" creme brûlée which is sold at HKD 38 and is in a small size compare to the original.

They have plenty of selection for pastries and my tummy reserved a place only for Creme brûlée. Will try it next time!

Paul Lafayet is located at K11 Mall Ground Floor 23, 18 Hanoi Road TSim Sha Shui, Hong Kong.