Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Domokun meets AnDroid

This is a story about how Domokun meets Android (droid)


This is Domokun if u guys dunno.

While this is Android
He is a green robot is call him droid.
Got this from bf coz he bought HTC Desire 
They gave him this green robot. (droid droid)

Okay this is how they bcome frens~~

At first domo juz wanna say hai to droid
But wit domo fierce face
droid was scared
And turn back
Tsk Tsk

Rawwr is juz a way for domo to said hello~~
Droid was frighten about it
and jz walk away.

But domo stop droid and tell the truth 
Domokun jz wanna be friends wit Android.
So from tat they on they become best friends.

~Lots of love~


I'm so LAME

I'm so boring until i blog this stupid story.
But juz wanna blog about my domo n droid.
Got the android doll long time ago.
So thinking to blog about it when i'm free.
Cz he been sleeping bside me quite some times.

So now im really very very very FREE
tat's y i blog about it
Somebody jz kill me plz!

Plz forgive me of my lameness 
coz i'm in a holiday
i got no plans for today tat's y i'm so free blogging about this.