Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baseball day!!!

Oh yes
  I went to play base ball!!!
 Wif my bro and his silly frens .

i NEVER play it in my life

So went for a try
off we go to 1Utama (sport zone)
We bought the package for 15min unlimited hit at the price RM25!! (student price)
Is good to be a student!!
Five of us exchange bat and hitting the ball!

Look at my shinning gold helmet
All of them get the old plain black color
the boss so kind he gave me the golden shinning helmet!


Look like Power Ranger 
 "Gold Ranger head"


We choose to hit the 
Soft ball instead of the Baseball
Coz it is easier
for us non Baseball player

Dun get cheated by its name 
it is not as soft as it seems.
kinda hard thought is kinda softer than baseball.

soft ball & gold range helmet

 Hands pain after playing it