Friday, September 24, 2010

Cycling Day at BUkit Cahaya

It's cycling day!!!

Actually should post this before the baseball post Click here. Coz i went to cycling on Sunday then Monday i went for baseball!! Went to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam for cycling. Arrived there at 9am.

On tat day many people went cycling, when i arrived i saw a long Q!! OMG i was thinking when is our turn to get our bicycle.

My bro & his frens arrived slightly earlier than me to Q up but unfortunately when it reaches us the bicycle ran out for rental. The worker is opening another workshop which contains old bicycle for rental.

Guess wat we have to Q up again!

So after getting my bicycle is time to cycle!!! OFF WE GO!!

It's super hard to cycle when we reach the up hill. Trust me there is many up hills at Bukit Cahaya.
So we have to stop n rest for a while. Long time nvr exercise the body feels like so old!

 See in we all are pushing our bicycle! coz it is really hard to cycle!!
I dunno how the ppl can cycle at Genting la!


Bf bike 
He's giving up!!!

~Resting Resting~

Posing my DIRTY nike sports shoe!
I can't remember when is the last time i washed it!!
Seems like 17643379 years i never wash that shoe
I'm to lazy to wash thinking of buying a new pair to replace it.
 *evil smile*

Digging up my bottle water
I drank a big bottle and nvr went to toilet 
Guess all the water has turn into sweat!

 We are terrorist beware!!
Jz kidding
I'm a good citizen

View from top
Forgot wat pondok is that oredi is located beside the four seasons there.

Went into the Rumah Empat Musim, which means the house of four seasons.At tat time is Autumn! Last year i went is Winter.

This pic looks like a Japanese Garden
I went to Japan

~Nice rose~

Finish cycling for two hours, we also went to see the flying fox but did not manage to play it need to book first. I think i wanna try it next time.

Till then,