Friday, December 17, 2010

Paintball!! *Bang bang bang*

*BANG bang bang*

This is wat u will here if u play

This is where we had our paintball GAME!!
Canyon Paintball
@ the club damansara

 here is where all the guns pallets and our armor is placed

If u think we played it here
u r WRONG!!
This place is to play speed ball!!

Our paintball field is in the forest did nt manage to take pic of it
We r so unlucky tat rains whole day
we reach at 9.30am & start our game errmm around 11.30..
kinda long rite?
so is picha time!

Always remember
safety first
no one wans to get hurt!


so we have to wear like the patung!!
haha no la
they oni provide us vest n mask!

Girls power 1!

Girls power 2

my 1st round team mates!!

the opponent!!

Later on for the other round we shuffle some of our group members!!
Is muddy all around!!
With all the water around the ground
plus plus juz play 1 round n i have fed to mosquitoes
juz one side of my hand i manage to donate to them
 12 bites!!!

We played four rounds
is kinda wasted coz not a good weather to play
n by wearing the mask they will fog when we breath
it make me so blur...blur...blur...

We have 17 players !!
have fun with them!

Group photo!!
Oh yah plz ignore the outfit coz thought that the paint is permanent so mostly we wear our unwanted clothes
 Actually the paint can be washed!

After we dirty our self wit all the mud n paint
we went to the club and have a nice bath
ohhh....their shower room is superb!

Bruise after the game
to proof that i have played

bruise no.1 on my bawah peha 
i should not get shot here!
sure got some one friendly fire.

bruise no.2 on my hand
Not so pain~~ hahaha

After the bathing we all r damn hungry and had our lunch at 1utama
reached there at 3.30
eat and chat till 7.30??
4 hours!!!
No kidding we sat there for 4 hours i think is more than tat oso
my butt is so pain but we have a lot of laughter!!
Great outing!!

Can't wait for the next paintball game