Friday, December 10, 2010


Last week is not good weekend since tat i'm freaking sick and encounter some freak guy!! So today have to be end of it!!!

+ i'm getting well oredi!!!! muahahahahahah back to normal!!

I'm oredi sick of college life!!!fed up!!sux max! (luckily is last sem)

See No Evil, Speak No Evil & Hear No Evil

I have to close all my features to be calm~~


OK dun wanna talk about it oredi!!

Eat sum dessert to cool down 1st~~
This ice cream freakin special
called sea salt caramel the brown 1 & the white one is idk wat name but is wine flavour~~
Have it @ Hokkaido the gardens

Even this pancake yum yum~~ japanese pan cake, but huey said yakitori is better wanna try it nex time......

k tat's all i wanna watch Rapunzel!!! arghhhh!!!