Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Red Bean Bag (Publika)

Finally stepped my foot to The Red Bean Bag (Publika)

Notice no red bean bag and the  menu non of the item is related to red bean LOLz

Been craving for a classic French toast ever since back from bangkok for their After You Dessert 
The fresh fruits consist of banana & strawberry and it is very nice I would say! The toast is layered with almonds and I feel it is very healthy for a kick start for breakfast! This cost RM13.90 is kinda pricey for a slice of bread but is really nice.

Eggs Atlantic the most ordered breakfast when I was waiting for me Q to get in thus I would give it a try because I never had smoked salmon for my breakfast before. Poached egg was a bomb! it melt right away once we poke it! The portion was descent this cost RM 17.90.

Seaweed Risotto is damn nice too! their scallop is bigger than my eye ball! LOL 
This cost RM29 the portion is kinda little T_T

Anyway still enjoy their food is quite nice to have a brunch there. 

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