Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas

Went to Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas to celebrate bf' mum bufday~~

 It is located next to fotokem same row with lotte mart.

Note picture is taken by Iphone4 sorry for the blurry pictures.

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ menu

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ Main menu lol 

Interior design

Interior design this place is basically quite old.

Sauce Option

side dishes

 Side dishes 


More meat 

fried glass noodle

This fried glass noddle super nice!!! but it cost RM30 per bowl 

idk what is this but is basically is Chicken maybe it is chicken dal bak gi  and it has rice cake the rice cake is awful. 

Cooked meat 

kimchi hot pot

Kimchi hot pot this is nice!! 

Overall the food does not taste spicy as it seen!!
The price is slightly higher than Dao rea.
Their BBQ meat taste pure maybe we did not order spicy one
Do try their wine meat it taste good!!