Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hi 5A5 a Malacca trip!

You know who you are! My dear classmate! 
So we meet up and went for a trip!
To our famous heritage place "Malacca"
I remember I have a total of more than 20 classmate during Form 5 but only 13 turn up!
This 13 are crazy classmate indeed LOL

We stop for dessert at Nadeja is super duper heavy rain during tat time. 
2 days in a row raining whole day!

See we so happy to eat dessert! haha

Silly faces during road trip
I think they are starving! 

Boring while waiting 
Oh meet my fren 03 her eyes is really like tat!! buahahaha

This is after party picture!
We are having a high school theme party!

Busying tying tie

Busying acting!

Busying setting hair!
Looks like cockroach 

Some candid shoot!

Its raining like hell and yeah we order pizza!
 It is the most expensive meal ever for the entire trip so not worth it
 But well it bring us together ^_^

"Why order pizza" LOL!

Before meal shoot.


Mr DJ start playing songs!

And then we start to do oppa gangnam style! Lol 

Madly in love "gay couple" hahaha sweet leh!
Thumbs up for the pink balloon!!

We played some games & it is full with awful punishment that will kick our ass out laughing when we look back to our picture! No picture post here is rated 18PL LOL! 

Okay sneak peak one picture!

see we got water gun! And this picture is epic! 
Mr. CK hit his head to the door when trying to escape from me wahahaha
It hurts real bad huh?

Some pictures

Some pictures

I lost some of my solo pictures with them darn the iphone!! 

So another picture after we check out!
See you all again!