Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Touristy at Pavilion & Fahrenheit 88 (KL)!

Last Saturday~Heading out to KL and this is the outfit of THAT day!

Denim jacket love it so much!

Posing with doreamon they have a gigantic one on the other side.Hard to pose with the big one coz is a crossing line between star hill & Fahrenheit 88.
That day was full of people!

I felt so touristy coz i'm taking picture like them LOL for the whole Saturday 

Christmas Décor is up at pavilion!

Next heading to their Tokyo street at level 6 they are having line event! Was so excited  to pose with the line  emoticon! 


With the whistle guy
But overall there are only four emoticon to take picture with and I was like meh~~ So small event they sell some LINE emoticon merchandise & I mean SOME only (so little things to see there) SAD!

Hey there!
I was getting a new spectacles (another $$$ gone) at that time & trying out with all the new sunnies hahaha
Getting excited on this coming weekend! Going to have my first flying fox experienced ever! Cant wait!!!