Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Bang Alive Tour Malaysia 2012

Yes they are finally here to perform and I'm finally there catch their AWESOME PERFORMANCE *jumping*

I still can't believe that I saw them with my two EYEBALLS and hear them singing through my EARS the feeling so surreal *rub eyes*

Big bang rocks & VIP rocks too! Super enjoy through out their concert.

Us getting all gear up!
Going to stadium merdeka early to collect our tix!

4 tickets for me, my bro , my fren & her sis.

How can they Q up under the hot sun!! *claps* I cant do that even tho i'm fan of them hahahaha
*shame on me*

Lots of stall selling Big Bang merchandise is like Big Bang Flea Market & I bought some sticks light to cheer for the concert. They even have some event Samsung booth to cheer up the waiting crowd. 

This cost me RM25!! (so exp)

While this cost me RM12 (wise buy)

Did not waste any money on their merchandise haha only bought use able stuff during the concert.

So after loitering around the stadium merdeka we went back to pavillion to have our lunch and hang out to kill our time.

So we did some shot of our happy waiting time as well. 
Excited & happy at the same time!

Around 5pm we depart and went to the Stadium Merdeka.

Seriously there was a huge crowd every of the entrance and we keep ourself looking for our ticket entrance and I think the concert management sucks due to unreliable Q start point and no proper banner to inform where does the Q start and no staff for asking information. Plus super impatient fans & driver!!!

As you can c from the picture above it is super crowded and is much worst than a pasar malam! there are only one way road for car to move & the whole space is crowded by people and stalls selling merchandise  foods& drinks. 

So there is no road for us to walk through and we have to risk our life to squeeze in between the cars besides the car stay stagnant for almost 20 minutes is like the worst jam for them! Good for you driver! Even ambulance cant move imagine if there is some one is in the ambulance & need to send to the hospital urgently who is gonna be responsible for the jam? Big Bang? Concert  Management? Fans? Merchandise Seller & F&B Seller? Driver? WHO WHO WHO??? 

Okay lets just skip this part! so i been squeezing all my way through the entrance and DAMN YOU all EXPENSIVE tickets holder Y U ALL come Q at our entrance?? 

So I gotta enter to the stadium FINALLY 

WOW from the seated view not bad right but our tix was standing one.

When we reach to the field area we couldn't believe we are so near to the stage!!
(for our tix price la hahaha) Happy us!

Crowd on the seated tix

Yeah big bang perform during 8.30 
It suddenly rain during 7bpm and it was super heavy lucky us got bring rain coat hahahaha.
 But 1st time kena rain in KL ughh~~

Stole this pic from my fren hehehhe
When they perform Blue there was a fake snow falling down so got feel.

I kept sing-a-long with Big Bang through out the concert and I was like keep jumping up n down up n down hahaha super high at that time!
Unforgeable moment plus it my first ever concert make me got concert hang-over too!! 
Keep on thinking about their concert after it ended it last for few days the hang over! Super strong anyway;