Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Just a quick update on my YEAR 2013 schedule so excited when I'm typing this NOW! Year 2013 with lots of travel ahead from what I can see. 

Will be flying off to Universal Studio Singapore on next Saturday Yeah! my first time to step my foot there after they open the USS for so long but lucky me I'm able to visit the new S.E.A Aquarium hahahah! This SG trip will have to me more touristy haha!

Then comes to February I will be flying to Australia (Sydney) for my CNY trip for 7 days! This will be my very first CNY oversea trip, February will be my least working days OMG!

Next stop will be my long awaited beach trip to Krabi during May! YAY! Haven't went to beach since my last trip to Pulau Redang almost 3 years back? not sure but I knew is way too over due.

Then another random booking trip to Seoul and this time I'm going to Jeju Island hahahaha will flying off to there during October and it is Autumn. Previous visit was during Spring where Sakura flowers were blooming everywhere now I get to see maple leaves.

So I think in some of the months I'm going to other places but these four places were confirm way ahead... and I really hope I can have FUN & see more things and chunk in more awesome food in to my stomach! (oh and safe trip as well!)

Oh hai this is my face in case you forgot hahaha!