Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yes I'm Hired

Okay i'm not jobless anymore~~~ huhuhuhuh. Curently working for Berjaya n this is my second time working for them. But is totaly diff from the previous...hahahahaha...lazy to tell grandmother story here....

So i'm working at their KL sales office for their new castle which is " The Chateau" located at Berjaya Hills... The bad thing is i need to work in TIMES SQUARE!! i dun like the shopping center....blah!! luckly is juz in the office~~~  So everyday juz walk walk n walk to work~~ can keep fit hahahaha

Picha of myself in formal wear

Oh n at last i hv tried "Levain" Moccoron OMG is super delicious!! and is better than godiva one!!
Thx my <3 for buying it for me!!
hahha love it!