Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun eatting in Malacca

Malacca is the place i went b4 i start my job....muahahha so this post is kinda old...sry guys kinda busy lately......The main mission we went to Malacca is to tried out the mille crepe!! and eat wat we hav always missed out during our last visit in Malacca...

 *sry for the 1st vain pic hahaha

First stop! Nadeje Cafe located at Dataran Pahlawan opposite Old Town!
Mission accomplish coz hv tried the famous mille crepe in town!! 

Bf n i order the original n gula melaka flavour!!
Damn nice

Rich of cream n crepe~~super full after eating it!!

An advise for those who wanna tried the mille crepe make sure the nadeja mille crepe is not ur 1st crepe coz after u tried it u will want more. Plus other places punya mille crepe taste & texture 100% diff. trust me!! hahahaha coz i tried diff mille crepe b4!

luv this pic~~ the effect~~

For dinner we tired the fried oyster which is located at Lorong Bunga Raya is a small food court tats sells fried oyster at the front, wan tan mee , ta chao, n drinks... the fried oyster is kinda famous so we gave it a try since in a big fans of fried oyster~~ but is kinda disappointing i dun like the taste n the oyster is very very small plus the chili sauce is not nice~~ the best fried oyster i had is at Genting Klang Setapak hahaha n is still super delicious till now compare wit other fried oyster tat i hav tried in many places...but the da chao fried bi hun is nice...

On the second day we went to try another flavor of mille crepe ~~hahaha since we at there we hav to eat more rite? cannot da bao go back kl due to their freshness ~~ the pic above effect so dreamy~~

So we order tiramisu & double choco, bf wanna try choco  banana but xda~~ he is a fans of choco banana flavor cake~~ after tryin all 4 flavor, the original one is still the best n the is super duper full of cream taste tat will make us muak ( in malay) n full for the rest of the day~~ kinda worth for the price is around RM8.50-9 each.

Due to the super duper full stomach thanks to the mille crepe we cant eat ant heavy meal~~ So we went to have a try of their Pork satay~~ i love pork satay. But i should say Thailand pork satay is still the BEST coz they are juicy , big n cheap! oh i miss their pork satay~~

The only thing special is the sauce which taste like pineapple n it is really made from pineapple~~hahaha...others no comment coz i feel the satay so so so oni~

So tat's all!!! I want more holiday!!