Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red Hot Cherry

Its been a while i did not post any picha of my nails~
So this post is all about nails!!hahahaha

Nice??? the background nicer rite??haha

Called it red hot cherry
This nail varnish/polish can be found in etude house R103

It even look's great in lomo pic
Next time i wanna do french manicure n acrylic nails!
But acrylic ingredients are expensive T_T

Ooops did i mention dessert??
Here is one ice-cream shop tat i hv tried during my trip at BKK!!
Its their best seller errmmm idk wat flavor is the ice cream oredi..heheheh but is like vanila~~
Nice ice cream shop, their interior is in red color~~ i like it
The name is cold stone!!!
so thats all for now~~~ still busy workin