Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KOREAN BBQ dinner at ZEN

Went to ZEN KOREAN BBQ @ ampang...forgot the exact location  (the first time i heard the name i go..huh korean bbq ZEN?? I thought is japanese kinda restaurant coz mostly japanese shops name themselves ZEN rite???)

Table setting as usual a bowl, spoon & super thin n long chopsticks

They have a very different interior design compare with many others Korean BBQ restaurant
They are more like western style n they have picnic table so special.

okay finish blah-ing
  the food part~~

Side dishes

Bibimbap & Kimchi  soup

One of the pork we ordered\

We order a pork set which come with 4 diff types of pork's.I manage to take the 1st pork oni n the rest is all in my stomach...hahaha to busy eating but the last pork is super duper awesome!!


Dessert "ice kacang" love the red bean!

 If compare with Daorea, Zen has the environment n not very oily plus their food taste diff with Daorea. ( plus is much more exp)

the ordering process!

sry for the eye bag~~ arghh

Tat thing look like pipe water~ refill the water hahaha

#1 ^_^

#2 blur hands

 #3 me! hmmm i think my arms n hand look fat in here ahh!! angle problem!

#k thats all next tues is western dinner hahaha cant wait for it!!