Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photowonder from android market

Edit this two photos by using photo wonder from the android market. Its been ages i din touch android apps since they have less apps availabe at their android market to play with compare with apple's apps store. But i still like android icon~~ the green robot.

#1 Yellowish color idk wat name is the mode oredi

#2 Lomo effect from photo wonder

hmmm so pic 1 or 2 nice?? i feel both of them oso nice tat's y i upload these two the same pic but diff effect hahahaha...

So currently im blogging at my office wahahaha coz too boring...n i wanted to update my blog bahahaha... clever me!!  yesterday upload these pics as draft while bloging my korean bbq dinner at zen post... arghh counting down 2 more hours to go b4 finish work!! tahan ahh!!